Safety and Training



Vantage Utility Services believes the safety and health of their employees is of primary importance. Safety does not just happen. It requires commitment from everyone, from the field to upper management. Management is committed to providing a safe and conductive work environment, to our work practices, policies and procedures. Our goal is to eliminate work related injuries and accidents. To achieve this goal, we concentrate our efforts in the following areas:

Employee training and education

·         All employees receive mandatory monthly safety training

·         Site specific training

·         Specialized training

Communicate current trends, issues and statistics to all employees

·         Weekly safety meetings

·         Daily task safety analysis meetings

·         Twice monthly management near miss conference calls

Identify work place hazards

·         Pre-job planning meetings

·         Task Safety Analysis prior to start of task with all crew members

Maintain safely operating equipment and machinery

·         All Vantage equipment is well maintained prior to mobilization, daily.

Encourage participation

·         All employees are strongly encouraged to participate and be actively involved in their safety program by leading meetings and field audits.

Consistent enforcement

·         Random job site safety inspections by management

·         Termination of employees who willfully violate safety policies


·         Provide training

·         Inform employees of current and exsisting OSHA/Governing agencies regulations

·         Provide all necessary PPE

·         Substance abuse policy and pre job and random drug screens