Aerial Division

Vantage Utility Services team understands the requirements and needs of the government and municipality agencies, private sectors as well as those of residents, we incorporate safety, quality and manage projects to stay effectively on track and on budget.

Vantage Utility Services has been designing, constructing and maintaining large networks and infrastructures of today’s complex systems for a variety of providers. We provide the services and skill set to meet today’s demands and the continually evolving fiber optic systems and copper networks which include OSP, ISP, CLECs, ILECs, TCC, TMC, NOC, Substation, NERC, Headend and Wireless Providers.

Our crews are on call 24/7, immediately responding to all network damages and restoring services.


Vantage Utility Services include:

·         Turnkey projects

·         Engineering

·         Planning and scheduling

·         Service  and maintenance

·         GO 95 Inspection and Repairs

·         Aerial and Underground construction

·         Installation, splicing and testing (ISP & OSP)